Women Health Care Executives

Membership Categories

Any person who is dedicated to a career in health care and meets the qualifications for one of the three membership categories listed below is eligible to be a member of WHCE, subject to the approval by the Executive Board.

WHCE Member

To qualify as a WHCE Member, a person must:

1. Hold a full-time, part-time, or consulting position in a health-related organization, or

2. Be a faculty member of an academic program in a discipline related to the purpose of WHCE, or

3. Be actively pursuing a position in a health-related organization.

WHCE Student Member

To qualify as an Student Member, a person must be a full-time student in a program in hospital and health care administration or another discipline related to the purpose of WHCE.

A person may not be an Associate/Student Member if he/she qualifies for Active Membership.

Honorary Life Member

Upon majority vote of the WHCE Board of Directors, Honorary Life Membership may be conferred upon a person in recognition of outstanding service to WHCE and/or to the health care field.

The WHCE Board of Directors may approve for membership a person who, in the opinion of the Board, would offer a unique contribution to the purpose of WHCE.

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