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2012 Scholarship Winners


Lynn Adamson Memorial Scholarship Winners

Maria Fernández

Maria will graduate May 19, 2012 with a Masters in Public Health with an emphasis in health and social behavior at the University of California Berkeley. She is also one of ten students chosen from the School of Public Health to participate in an 18-month Leadership Development Program, in the Center for Health Leadership. She completed her undergraduate degree at Stanford University in Human Biology. 


Maria has been involved in numerous volunteer activities including Spanish interpreter at Stanford’s Arbor free clinic, creation of a Farmer’s Market in Pescadero to improve the food security for farm worker’s families by increasing access to locally grown fresh produce, and HABLA President, an English tutoring program for Stanford Janitorial Staff to improve their career opportunities. She is currently starting a similar program at UC Berkeley. 


Maria’s reference stated that “her passion for health equity and access to care, her integrity and strong moral grounding, and her ability to be a leader in any situation stand out most. Her public health and future medical degrees will further enable her to make significant contributions throughout her career.” “Maria’s innovative approaches to the issues of health equity and access demonstrates her significant contributions to dates, as well as her potential for further contributions throughout her career.”

Erica Jimenez

Erica is completing a Master’s of Social Work and Public Health degree with an emphasis in community mental health and health and social behavior at the University of California Berkeley. She completed her undergraduate degree at the University of California, San Diego in Psychology.


Erica spent one year as the Civil Affairs Project Coordinator with the US Army 426th Airborne Civil Affairs Battalion, Provincial Reconstruction, Paktya, Afghanistan. She interfaced with Afghans, local government leaders, USAID, and the Department of State to conduct needs assessments. She submitted proposals and manages over 80 projects that benefited 75,000 Afghans. She interpreted and implemented newly introduced counter-insurgency policy as it pertained to projects.


Erica’s reference letter stated that she is a wonderful student and an even better person. Erica is passionate about public health and serving marginalized populations. She is hard working, committed, driven and she has a heart of gold. Erica is a wonderful role model. She is humble, honest, funny, loving and wants to change the world.


girls, inc. Scholarship Winners


Denisse Leon

Denisse Leon is a senior at a little-known high school in San Lorenzo called KIPP King Collegiate High School. She comes from a family whose goal is break the mold of the stereotypical Mexican-American by reaching success through a college-level education. Denisse finds that the sciences are really easy for her, and her mother has always been very supportive of her hard work in school. That being said, she realized she wanted to be a doctor, later pinpointing her area of focus: surgery. Denisse strives to work hard in all her science classes, and though she may focus on school a tremendous amount, she takes occasional breaks to sit and read a book or write out a personal essay. She intends to combine her love of science and writing in college, pursuing a double major in biology (w/ pre-med track) and English when she travels across the country to attend Simmons College in Boston, Massachusetts. 

Vivian Nguyen

Vivian is a senior at Alameda Science and Technology Institute and will be attending UC Santa Cruz in the fall of 2012 to pursue a career in dentistry. She has been in girls inc. for about six years and has grown into a confident woman because of her involvement and the girls inc. leadership. Throughout high school she always strived to live up to the motto, “service above self.” She is able to display this through Interact, a community service club she has been a member of throughout her high school career. The Interact club holds fundraising and community service events that help raise money for different charity organizations. As she grows older, she hopes to give back to the community in any way she can.



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